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Wire Rope Non-Destructive Testing

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Our Advanced Portable Wire Rope Inspection Device

operates on “Spatial Magnetic Field Vector Resultant”

Theory, adopts large airspace and controlled (Weak)

magnetic fields for its operating principal.

Our Device is capable of detecting LF and LMA

Defects (or Flaws) more efficiently when compared to

conventional (Strong) magnet NMDT devices, and

conforms to ASTM-E1571-2011 Standard.

Being highly sensitive, our inspection devices will be

able to detect both internal and external flaws such as

broken wires, abrasions, corrosion, fatigue, deformation

and other flaws.

Our portable device has been widely used in offshore

crane, floating crane, port quay crane, mooring winch,

gantry crane, tower cranes inspections. Our company

has built solid cooperative relationships to provide

inspection services in Southeast Asia Region.